Welcome to the Investigators Club!

Join us as we tackle some of the planet’s most perplexing phenonmena. This site provides you with a starting point to begin your investigations: experiments, videos, lesson plans, and more are all here for you to explore, use, and learn from. Investigate it all.

The Investigators Club is a research-tested approach to teaching and learning science — in particular conceptual physics, Pre-K through 8th grade. Based on research in the cognitive sciences as well as socio-cultural psychology, the principles and practices of the Investigators Club have been thoroughly field-tested over the past 10 years in a variety of settings (from Pre-K through 8th grades, as well as adult learning/teacher training seminars). Supported by a number of national, federal, and state grants, the Investigators Club (the “I-Club”) embodies the emerging national and international consensus about the nature of effective science teaching and learning.

Our Philosophy

  • Science is a practice, not an accumulation or mastery of texts.
  • The Investigators Club builds on students’ already- existing, highly-developed embodied knowledge of the world.
  • In the I-Club, children and teachers learn science – by doing science (participating in authentic practices).
  • The I-Club emphasises a facilitated process of group discussion, combining “Accountable Talk” and “collaborative learning”- thinking with others to generate and weigh evidence, develop predications, explanations, and theories, using models and representations linked to evidence in the world.
  • The I-Club centers on conceptual physics as the foundation for chemistry and biology.
  • The I-Club provides a comprehensively designed and sequenced set of tasks which allows teachers who are not themselves experts to become learners of science and effective teachers of science.
  • The I-Club tasks are organized into “learning progressions” – developing core scientific concepts (or “big ideas”) over years, not weeks or months, in coherent units, from Pre-K through 8th grade.



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